A friendly hello, and explanation of my names

My name is Ten, and I am here to blog about my favorite things, and all the adventures I have while pursuing my dreams. Namely, a few of my favorite things are writing (hence another reason I started this blog), baking, gardening, and organizing (and there’s a lot more that I haven’t named!) . Before you go “Oh, well that’s what everyone blogs about…” and click away, hear me out. I have a twist! I’m still in school, and I have hashimoto’s thyroiditis (if you don’t know what hashimoto’s thyroiditis is, fear not, I’ll write a post about it later). Those two things make life a bit more difficult, and possibly it will make my blog more unique and interesting. We’ll see. Regardless, I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I will enjoy writing them! I am brand new to blogging, and I hope I can get a hang of it quickly. Pointers from experienced bloggers would be much appreciated! 😀

Now, to touch on my names and where they came from. First I’ll start off with the meaning behind aquaticsunflower. In all honesty, it started off as a name I randomly generated in my head for a new internet alias, then I realized it actually meant a bit more than being a silly and very random name. I love water. Swimming especially. Also, I like walking through creeks and splashing in puddles. Sure its childish, but who says there isn’t a time for being childish? There always is at some point. And sunflower, merely because it’s one of my favorite flowers. I chose it for the blog because I did say I was blogging about my favorite things right? And since water and sunflowers are some of my favorite things, it’s only appropriate. Besides, how cool would an aquatic sunflower be?! I would pay to see one.

Now for the name Ten, and why I choose to call myself that. Once upon a time….. (aka roughly a year and a half ago) I started playing Minecraft. (That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I’m a full-out geek.) When I started off, I didn’t have my own account. I used my friend’s account. Long story short, when I logged onto a Minecraft server, everyone called me Ten, seeing that it was the shortest nickname that fit my username. Even though I have my own account now, I still like to have people call me Ten. It’s just become that one nickname I’ll never give up! Another reason I decided to stick with the name is because like I said, I am a full-out geek….. And I love love love Doctor Who. Tenth doctor for the win, am I right?! So I said why not? And now all my internet friends call me Ten. (If one of my friends is reading this…. Hello!!! :D)

I hope you stick around to read my blog posts! The goal is to post once a week, on Fridays. Let’s see if I can keep with it! Last thing- do you have a nickname that you and everyone you’re around has adapted to? If so, what is it?

Have a fantastic day!



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