I have returned!

Hello, friends & anyone who reads this tiny little blog of randomness!


I apologize for my absence. I realize no one really checks this blog, but I feel like apologizing anyway.


It’s been a long year. 2015 didn’t exactly treat me nicely. I had to go through a lot, but it’s okay because I’ve made it out alive. I ended up discovering a lot and learning little things that I wouldn’t have learned if I wasn’t sick the way I was. This being said I’m always going to be at least a bit sick on the inside, and I will never be 100%. However, I’m okay with that because I already feel crazy good. It’s awesome how the simple things can change how you feel.

For those who didn’t exactly know what problems I had, here they are:

-Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which essentially was hypothyroidism (My body decided to attack my thyroid and that made it slow. Which made everything else slow.)

-Celiac… Oh, dear Celiac. (I’m allergic to gluten!!)

-Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Also known as PCOS)

-Adrenal Fatigue (Yay, another thing that is slow.)

Anyway, that’s that. If you have any questions feel free to ask away 🙂

I was rather blessed to have common problems with simple solutions! 😀 I thank the Lord for that.

So that whole fiasco was the reason for my absence, but I intend to write a lot in 2016, simply because I love writing. It’s fun! And I can talk to multiple people all over the world at different times WITHOUT having to repeat myself or talk on the phone…. That is pretty cool to me.

Lately, because I’ve been feeling better, I have gotten back into the habit of baking. But this time around, it’s gluten free. It’s a challenge for sure, but it’s fun! (And expensive…) Tuesday I made gluten free pie crust and had chicken pot pie, which is a favorite meal of mine that I couldn’t have since being diagnosed with celiac in July. I will probably end up posting my recipes after I work out the kinks and such. Yesterday I made what I would describe as “death”. Pumpkin cake with maple pecan frosting. Need I say more? I talked about it on my personal facebook page and now all my friends and family want the recipe! (By all I mean 3 people. Close enough.) I haven’t even perfected it yet. So I think I will post the imperfect recipe here and let everyone have fun with it. But not today. Too much work. 😉

I will stop rambling and get to the point of this post.

1) To let you know that I will be posting weekly or so. I will try to get an interesting post out every week but, of course, I’m not making promises!

2) Do you want recipe posts? I am interested in doing them, because now that I’m gluten-free I want people to be able to make “normal” food. I know how rough it is to eat less than exciting food because you’re on a strict allergy related diet.

3) Should I post craft/decor/DIY related posts? I don’t really know what to post. For a while, it might be seasonal rambling…. XD

Anyway thanks for reading this post! Expect more interesting stuff to come soon. Maybe about cookie decorating, my obsession with the Pantone color of 2015, or anything else I can think of.

Much love,

Ten 🙂



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