Do we ever actually think about… Eating habits?

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my blog today. Glad to see you here.

I don’t really have anything super formal or exciting to talk about today, but it’s still something.

Eating habits. Something that people tend to overlook, when it is something that we really should be paying attention to! Eating habits can tell us a lot about what is going on inside the body, physical and mental.

Here are a couple bad eating habits that I have, but am trying to turn around:

-Eating without chewing much.

-Eating and being occupied with other things.

-Snacking on something, and as I chew one piece, I’m already holding the next one in my hand.

Those are the big three I have noticed personally. Do you guys do any of those? Let me explain why they are my bad habits.

  1. I was at my doctor’s office a little while back, and we were discussing stomach health (because it has a lot to do with my issues) and he mentioned how at a seminar, they said that many digestion problems in this nation are due to not chewing our food nearly enough times as we need to! He said in order for it to really be good to go for our stomach, we need to chew a bite of food at LEAST 20 times! Solution to this habit? Pay attention to your food and count to 20 in your head as you chew. If you keep doing this every time you eat, you can eventually turn around that habit. It may be time-consuming, but if it benefits my health I’m all for it!
  2. This one is a killer because it makes us get in the mindset that eating ISN’T important and that we just use it for pleasure or to pass some time. It’s rather dangerous because we forget that eating is what supplies our body with vitamins and other nutrients, it gives us energy and all that important stuff. Solution to this habit? When you eat a snack or meal make sure to sit at a table where you are supposed to eat, and not on the couch, bed, etc. also, make sure that you aren’t in front of the TV, have your phone nearby, or anything else that could really distract your from eating. And simply pay attention to your food! I struggle with this one because I find that just eating and being quiet is boring, but I think we could use a little more self-discipline and learn that not every moment has to be exciting or entertaining.
  3. This one is a big big contributor to overeating. This is when eating becomes muscle memory and all you’re doing is shovelling food in your mouth. Solution to this habit? Make sure you aren’t falling into the traps of the previous two habits is the first thing you should do. Then, when you do snack or eat, make sure that you are focusing on what is in your mouth and not what is on your plate. If you have anything in your hand, put it down. It’s a tougher habit to break because like I said, it is muscle memory, but you can break it!

And there you have it! Those are my bad habits and how I am trying to fix them. Man, it is hard. But I know it will benefit me in the end! Do you have any eating habits? Good or bad. Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post, say so! I have no clue what people like to read on this blog so I just write whatever.

Have a lovely day!


{Disclaimer: I am no doctor. This is about my opinion and personal finding on eating habits. If you think you have a real problem with eating habits, please go consult an actual doctor.}


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